How To Fix Microphone Not Working Issue On Google Meet

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You should have the audio back in the presentation. ​Meet needs permission to use your camera and microphone in Chrome. You will be asked to allow access the first time you join a Meet video meeting. Sometimes, your device may pick some random audio devices plugged into your PC, and you cannot hear anything when you listen to some other default devices. To avoid and fix this issue, you must set audio devices as default ones as instructed in this method. For instance, you can allow the speakers to access some other audio input device to get rid of echoing in your inbuilt microphone.

That’ll make sure the session is terminated for good. Some pesky apps refuse to terminate their session even when you’re no longer participating. You could have left the app hours ago, and it could continue to suck up your resources. Zoom isn’t necessarily notorious for the same, but it might not be as easygoing as you’d like. If you hadn’t heard, Zoom was slammed pretty mercilessly for its sub-par security and privacy measures. ‘Zoombombing’ became a regular nuisance during calls, which prompted Zoom to ramp up its security system exceptionally fast.

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That should be your first course of action. Look to the bottom-left corner of the meeting window and click Unmute. You may experience microphone failures on Zoom for Microphone Not Working In Windows 7? | Driversol varying reasons ranging from temporary software glitches to incorrect audio settings, or even hardware problems. If your webcam or audio issues persist, you can test your audio and video in Zoom by clicking this link. Once open, you can join a test call on the Zoom application and follow the instructions on the screen. The audio is working perfectly fine on your side.

  • If the issue still persists, even after trying all the above zoom tricks, then you must have a look at your Windows settings.
  • If it’s still not working, then you need to update the app.
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  • Google will now identify when your system is experiencing this issue during a call and will notify you with tips on how to resolve the issues.

Alternative option is to press Stop option first, then press Start. At this point, do not read the given phrase, but close the window and navigate to the app you need to be live on. If the window closes itself, launch the listener again. Right-click the Windows icon and choose Settings. I am a tech geek who likes to follow all the new innovations in tech.

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Many pre-built PCs from Dell, HP, and more install a “command center” application that scans your device and installs updated drivers. Once the Speakers / Headphones Properties window appears, click on the “Advanced” tab. A drop-down menu appears in the “Default Format” section. Select a different format and click the “Test” button to see if a different format works. If it does, click the “Apply” button, followed by the “OK” button.

Sometimes, users can adjust the microphone sensitivity in system settings as well as in settings of aforementioned apps, so it cannot capture your voice. Check these settings precisely – this source of problems is pretty popular. There are two possible sources for hardware problems of your microphone – the exact device and your sound card. Of course, 80 to 90 percent of all troubles are related to the microphone issues. If it does not work properly, or doesn’t work at all, check it with the following steps. A driver is a communicator between hardware and software.